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Carbon Tiller Extension 1.14m - 29er - Solo

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Carbon Tiller extension for your 29er or Solo - Strong, light, comfy... Amazing Value.

The shaft length is 107cm with end fitting this makes the overall length 114cm. If you want a different length then please drop us a line and we will spec your extension individually.

The Shaft

Roll wrapped pre preg carbon with multi directional fibres means our tiller extensions have the perfect resin distribution; this ensures they are strong light and hard wearing. We tend to use thinner carbon tube as we feel this gives a better balance between stiffness, strength and weight, it also means it has a little bend in extreme circumstances.

The Handle

Choose the handle to suit your sailing style, either long, short, fat, thin, straight, tapered or just an end butt.

End Fitting

Choose the fitting that matches the one on your boat so there is no need to change anything else, simple attach your new stick and go.


Big thanks to Ian Escritt for the write up on the 29er tiller ext:

A few weeks ago during a particularly frantic 29er sail, I managed to sit on my tiller extension rendering it useless. The extension whilst incredibly light was fragile to say the least and as I often find myself with the stick in awkward positions, I felt the need to replace it with something stronger.

Step forward Steve and Matt from Outlaw sailing, who were hovering looking for victims to try their new products on.

First, let me say the guys promised to deliver a new extension for the following week but also a choice of length, grip and uj and they kept their promise. I went for a “golf” style grip as when sailing at YDSC I often have ridiculously thick gloves on and need a positive feel. So are they any good? Well yes, I would say so; it’s stiff, light and with great grip. What’s not to like?