About Us

Outlaw Sailing Co Ltd was formed to provide sailing spares, accessories, apparel and boats to the world wide catamaran/dinghy racing market.

Our aim is to improve/innovate in areas that we believe are under represented by the established market players; be that in accessories, apparel or boats.

Our formula is simple, innovation, consideration, flexibility and good old fashioned Yorkshire value. We also pride ourselves on calling it like it is and not hiding behind any B.S.

Above all, boats and sailing are our passion and delivering exceptional products and service is our mission.

Who Are We

Matt Bell : Relatively late to sailing but with a lifetime in, on and under the water Matt's passion is for Cat's, ultimately the dream is a 15m world cruiser. In the mean time he gets his kicks sailing a S1R and crewing an F18 . 

Tim Woolford : Sailing since he was knee high to a grass hopper Tim started out in a Topper but soon needed to quench his need for speed and moved to Cat's sailing his Mum and Dad's Mystere (he still owns the Topper and the Mystere), then an F18 and currently a (soon to be full foiling) Nacra 17.

Gemma Woolford : Gemma has been sailing for a couple of years, she has sailed yachts and toppers but mainly Cat's. Introduced to the sport by Tim, Gem cut her teeth crewing on the F18 and has developed as a fantastic crew on the Nacra 17, nowt stops her and she is now starting to gain experience as a helm.        

What we all have in common, besides our love of the sport and Cat's in particular, is a commitment and passion to create a business that delivers what we would want as a client, innovation, value and good old fashioned service.

We are based in Yorkshire and sail at every opportunity at our home club - Rutland Sailing Club