S1R Match Race Series 2017

During 2017 we will have 2 S1R's touring the UK giving people the opportunity to Demo, Test and Race. Not just a normal demo but a match racing series with 2 identical boats, knock outs and prizes, a series designed to show people what the boat is capable of in the real world on a real race course...


The 2017 Match Race Series is supported by our partners, Petrucci Design, Forward WIP, Ronstan and Kingfisher.
The Boat: 
The S1Race, designed and built by Michele Petrucci and Outlaw Sailing has been created to fill a gap in the market for an affordable, modern, fast, lightweight single hander.

Easily managed on and off the water and aimed at Cat and Dinghy sailers alike the boat seeks to provide the thrill of a 49er for the single hander. We have applied the theory of marginal gains during the design process, aiming to optimise performance “round the cans”; in a mixed fleet (dinghies and cats) as well as in a "one design" fleet. The one design class, class association and handicap rating are currently being finalised and will be in place for the match racing tour.

Boat Spec

Length : 4.7m
Width : 2.4m
Mast : 8m
Mainsail Area : 12.5m sq. M (Inc Mast)
Code Zero : 13.5 sq. M (Furling)
Weight : 85 kg (Fully Rigged)
No of Crew : 1 (Single trapeze)
Hardware : Ronstan
Running Rigging : Kingfisher
Forecast SCHRS : 1.074 (PY lookalike 724.95)

Construction : Hulls are fibreglass foam sandwich - epoxy infusion, spray painted (colour optional). Mast, beams, boom, rudders, boards, foils and foil kits are all pre-preg carbon processed in an autoclave at 120 degrees and 6 bar pressure.

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