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Ratchet Strap - Pair

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Show your boat some love - make sure she's nice and secure in the dinghy park.

Walk around most dinghy parks and you will see boats tied down with bungee, old rope, broken straps and even the odd shoe lace. At Outlaw we think you should treat your lady right so strap her down nice n tight, it also stops the worry that when the next storm blows through you will find she's at the other side of the dinghy park with a hole in.

Our straps are made in the UK to certified standards; they have a breaking strain of 800KG and heavy duty hooks orientated to work with most tie down systems.

The strap length is 5 m so will work on all boats from a Laser to an F18.

To really look after her also check out our boat protection pads.

This pack contains 2 straps