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Outlaw Sailing is very proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of the Stunt S9 by Michele Petrucci 

The Stunt S9 has been created to enable the average sailer to experience the thrill of flight. The package is light weight, easy to handle and has a well tested (wand based) flight management system ensuring foiling is stable and level. The boat is able to fly upwind in 7 knots and downwind foils in excess of 1.8 times wind speed.

Designer : Michele Petrucci
Length : 4.16m
Width : 2.36m
Mast : 7.5m
Sail Area : 11.5m sq (inc Mast)
Weight : 80 kg
No of Crew : 1
Crew weight : 50-95kg

Construction : Hulls are fibreglass foam sandwich epoxy infusion, spray painted (colour optional). Mast, beams, boom, rudders, boards, foils, foils kits, are pre-preg carbon processed in an autoclave at 120 degrees and 6 bar pressure.

Included : Std white hulls, carbon beams, carbon foils, ight management system, sail, tramp, carbon mast, standing rigging, carbon tiller ext, Ronstan hardware, King sher running rigging.

Full Cover (Weathermax, breathable, choice of colour)

Foil Bags                                   

Large Wheel Beach Trolley   



Paint Option other than Std white   : £500

Delivery to other locations              : Call for price

Set up / tuning / coaching day        : £350 


For More Video check out : http://www.stunt-s9.com


Ullswater Demo from Outlaw Sailing on Vimeo.